Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Promo Offer - June & July

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* Referrals must be new appointments only.
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Looking forward to working with you soon! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chloe - Portrait Session

I can't believe that Chloe just celebrated her 1st birthday. I remember attending the baby shower for her
like it was yesterday, as cliche as that may sound.
As our present to Chloe, we gave her her very first photo shoot as a one year old!

Right when I walked into Chloe's home, she was dancing away to a Brazilian children's dvd.
It was the cutest thing! I've never seen a baby dance like that...she had her hands up
and swaying side to side! And I love their home...very contemporary and stylish! I wish
I could stage all my shoots there. :)

Meet the Remotigues

Yup, this is me and my family. I've been doing a bit of portraits lately and it got me in the mood
to do some portraits of my own. I can't really call them family portraits since there
aren't any shots with all of us in one pic, so it's more a portrait session with Daddy and Mommy
(plus the dog isn't featured in any). My parents actually want to have an official family portrait
session sometime in July when my brother is in town again.

Any photos that feature me in the shot were probably taken with
a wireless remote (unless noted otherwise).

It usually only takes a song or some weird noise to make her laugh. I think I was singing "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid.

Daddy was trying to get her to stand on his feet since she was barefoot. Look at them chubby legs!

This was the first actual portrait shoot of my hubby and daughter, other than the ones taken around the house or at parties. It lasted all about 5 minutes because of the unbearable humidity and mosquitos. Good thing the shoot was taken after 6pm otherwise we'd have the blazing sun to add to it all. I'm looking forward to our next, or rather "first", official family portrait session. Will post more pics!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Generations of Loveliness

Donna (mom) is celebrating her 60th birthday next month and decided to commemorate the occasion with her daughter, Tracy, and her mother, Alice.
What a pleasure it was to capture this lineage of such lovely women.

Hailey & Arend - Portrait Session

Can I just say these are the cutest and most energetic kids I've ever met! Arend, 3 yrs old, introduced himself right away by shaking my hand and Hailey, 1 yr old, has the most amazing eyes. She also strutted around the playground like she was Miss America. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Why so serious?

For those of you who know brother, you know what a "character" he is.
Most of these photos he's looking away from me, not because he's trying to
be dramatic, but rather trying to control himself from giggling like a teenage girl.
Basically our shoot went a little something like this:
serious, serious, goofy... serious, serious, goofy...

Anthony posing with MY favorite model - MGR.

Not a flattering look for either of them. :)

MMA Seminar by Jorge "Zen" Rodriguez

I was invited to photograph an MMA Seminar in South Beach. It may seem like
I photographed the entire seminar in B/W but I just happen to like how this
particular set of photos look in B/W vs. Color. It was such an awesome seminar
that I wanted to jump in and tap someone out!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nap Time

Now that both babies (my daughter and the dog) are napping, I have to take advantage of having
2 free hands to type with! Yesterday I decided to take some "self-portraits" of myself
and the baby. I'm usually good at taking photos of the baby every month to document her growth which
I send out to relatives / friends who don't get to see her on a regular basis. I haven't taken any
since she hit the 5-month mark, so she was definitely due for some pics.

Please excuse my wild hair and lack of makeup because I seriously just changed out of my pjs.
I had to work fast to set up the tripod and wireless remote before the baby fell back asleep for her nap.

Love the lower body shots. I have a few more ideas for poses that I would like to try for her,
but maybe another day.
Can't forget the dog...he was indeed the FIRST baby of the family. :)
Where are you going doggie? I think he's a little camera shy.

Only a few photos this time...I think I would have been happier with the way I turned out in the photos, if I actually tried fixing myself up. :)

Hopefully next time...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Engagement Session - Ghazal & Arya (Part 2)

Ghazal & Arya - Weston Town Center