Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The baby blues are BACK!

Miss Bella Blue is now 2 and still amazes me with her brilliant baby blues.
She had to pose with her posse: Ollie, Mimi, Mickey, just to name a few.
Bella had on a pretty white linen dress which made her eyes stand out even more.

We took a quick trip to Arts Park in Hollywood, just a few minutes from her home.
It was a gorgeous day to be outdoors and the park was filled with kids and families,
along with a live band jammin' for their young audience.

Bella was excited to frolic in the grass and amongst the massive african baobab trees.
She felt like a true star once she put her flashy shades on!

Expect to see more of this doll throughout the year. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Enzo & Lucas

I first photographed Enzo and his family about a month ago, shortly after his first birthday.
His aunt and cousin Lucas were visiting from Brazil so it was a great opportunity to
photograph the boys together.

Our original appointment had to be rescheduled because of the ugly weather (yes! raining in December!)
but this day was a much better day. Few clouds in the sky, but the boys were enjoying
being outdoors and playing in the grass.

Lucas, who is just learning to walk, was trying to catch up with Enzo
who was walking everywhere (and even mingling with other kiddies at the park).
I'm sure these handsome little munchkins will be best buds when they're older.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Little Sugar Plum

I have yet to have an official photo shoot for my daughter (other than inside my house).
Don't get me wrong, I take billions of photos of her, but just us around the house, or
if we're going somewhere to hang out with friends, I'll just bring my camera along.

I was totally inspired by the Martel Family and their family portrait session a few weeks ago.
The entire family was decked out in winter clothes - sweaters, furry boots, winter hats.
I loved it!
So in spirit of the holidays, and somewhat cooler weather we're having,
I wanted to create a "wintery" session for Mady.
(And those darn winter hats are so ridiculously cute!)

Although it was a quickie 15-minute shoot, I adore the shots I got of her (of course I do!).
She did pretty well (it helped that my husband and I were bribing her with food).

Without further ado, here she is, my little sugar plum.


Lipgloss. High heels. Purses. Manis & pedis.
But the best part about being a girl is your girlfriends.

For her birthday, Desiree received a gift certificate for a photo session from her BFF, Grace.
And who did Des think of having her photo session with? But her closest friends and sister, of course!

It hasn't been the first time (and probably won't be the last) that it was pouring,
pouring, pouring, until the very last second before I stepped out of my car on site for a photo session.
I don't know what it is, or if the photography gods are on my side, but it's amazing
how such an ugly day can clear up for a successful session at South Pointe Park.

We still had to deal with some wind (I caught some of the girls adjusting their hair :) ),
but lighting was perfect and hardly anyone in the park / on the beach.

Desiree was a bit shy at first to take some solo portraits, but I'm glad she
warmed up to the idea...She looks great, and as her friends would say "so delicious"!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Smith Family

Gotta love December days.
Cool & breezy with a high...possibly 70?

And it was certainly the ideal day for the Smith family photo session.
They choose South Pointe Park in Miami Beach, another one of my favorite locations.
Ella was full of smiles and silly faces (as usual) which added a little bit of
character to each individual shot.

Quinn, 3-1/2 months, shared a few smiles for me and a little giggle.
I find it incredibly adorable that he sucks his two middle fingers, even when he's napping.

Toward the end of our session, Ella started to take charge
and began instructing her models (mommy & daddy) on how to smile for the camera.
She is undoubtedly the expert when it comes to smiling. :)