Saturday, February 27, 2010

Andre & Kathryn - Event Photography

I am so lucky to have met such wonderful people to photograph, people like Andre & Kathryn.
They invited me to be part of their small and intimate marriage ceremony a few weeks ago.

This adorable couple met after high school while vacationing in Grenada.
They kept a long distance relationship for 5 years and are finally together (physically)
in Dubai, after much traveling to spend every holiday and vacation together.

My favorite part of the night was the toasting. I've been to a fair share of weddings,
as a photographer and as a guest, and I have never heard such genuine
speeches as I did that day. After what I heard, I felt like I knew Andre & Kathryn for years.
Their story, their journey...what great stuff. :)

Before I let you get to the photos, I must say that Kathryn rocked her wedding dress
and her shoes (I especially loved the shoes!). And I tried black cake for the very first time (yum!).
It's a Caribbean dessert made with rum and fruit, which I believe was shipped there
for the weddings. On top of that they had cheesecake which is always one of my faves!
So yes, that night I had 2 slices of cake...eek!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Karla Lucia - Kids Portrait Session

This was a very special photo session for me not only because this is Mady's BFF, but
because I've been witnessing Karla grow up, ever since she was a little peanut in her mommy's belly.
It's so amazing to see how babies change and grow, developing their own unique
personalities and behaviors. It's even more hilarious watching Karla and Mady
together because they do share similar gestures, sounds and facial expressions.

Karla is full of smiles and is truly a happy little girl. I don't even think
she had a bad shot during our session! Our session was held at a small park in
Brickell Key next to the Mandarin Oriental. There was a small beachy area and
Karla loved playing in the sand!

She was also showing off her new "trick", waving her hand in the air. It totally looked
like she was waving to her fans! I'm sure she has tons of them. :) Mommy was a
great help with all her sounds and silly faces she was making for Karla!
Great job gals!

In the words of one of my good gf, Christie, "isn't she just a precious little nugget?!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lauren & Amanda - Portrait Session

You may remember Lauren from last summer. We had our first portrait session together
at one of my favorite spots, Las Olas Riverfront. A few weekends ago, her sister Amanda
was visiting from Ohio. Lauren said they haven't had any professional photos taken
of the 2 of them since they were little girls so she thought it would be great to get together
to have some photos taken to give as a gift to their mother.

This session was taken at the Morikami Museum & Gardens, another stellar spot.
Amanda & Lauren were so awesome to photograph! They acted just like...sisters. :)
Goofing around and being silly, doing what sisters do best. That's my type of session!
Their personalities truly stand out in these photos. Love it girls!
I'm sure your mom will love it as well. :)

Michael & William

This past weekend my family and I escaped the east coast for a mini-getaway to Marco Island, FL.
My BIL & SIL, along with my 2 nephews, joined us for some sun, sand, and sweater weather (?).
Yup, it was surprisingly 20 degrees cooler than it typically is this time of year.
Fortunately it warmed up a bit and hopefully it will stay that way for the rest of their visit.

And of course I had to take a few shots of my ridiculously adorable nephews,
Michael, 3, and William, 10 months. Michael is into Wolverine these days.
He was practicing his clawing techniques on the playground. William loves to
pull himself up on things and is always flashing that heart-melting smile!

Aren't these boys just too darn cute?!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Look.

It's a new year and I'm all about trying new things.
New promos, new packages, and possibly a new layout?

I'm attempting this somewhat-of-a-photo-montage / photo collection layout.
Your comments, thoughts, opinions are welcomed.
And of course, what's a better subject to use to test out this new method than
my little miss Mady. :)

She was a bit distracted by the ducks which explains why she's pointing in most of the pics.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Shower for Adrian Javier

Proud parents Monica and Mano, along with big sis Nina, welcomed the newest
addition to their family, Adrian Javier. He arrived a little earlier than expected but
is doing well and has a slew of people who are anxiously waiting to meet him!

Friends of the family Liza and Mari hosted this exquisite celebration.
They went along with a "green" / nature theme. Ceramic birds were featured
throughout the arrangement of seating and food displays. And I never thought
burlap could look so...so elegant. Used to dress up the floral centerpieces
and the sign-in table, this fabric became such a creative accent!

Other than the guests of honor, the main attraction of the shower was the sign-in canvas.
It was such a clever and thoughtful idea...I'm totally going to steal it when I have
the opportunity to plan a baby shower! :)
Family friend, Jorge, painted the foundation of the canvas - landscape & trees - then the
guests would contribute to the painting by creating the leaves with their fingerprints.
Once complete, this masterpiece will be displayed in the baby's nursery.
Super cute! Love, love, love the idea!!

And if that didn't blow you away, they even thought of little nest eggs as favors.
Even the game prizes were encased in twiggy boxes accented with nest eggs. Truly charming!
It was a simply beautiful shower. I felt like I was at a home featured
in Better Homes and Gardens. :) Congrats to mommy, daddy, & big sis!

What adorable favors!
They even thought of little bird houses to be hung over the kids table.
Amazing sign-in canvas painting idea.
Mommy Monica's reaction as she enters the garden,
seeing all the great work her friends & family have put together.

Mommy explaining to big sis Nina about this beautiful painting
for her little brother.

What creative presentation for the game prizes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show some love.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jennie, Will & Xavier

I met Jennie, her boyfriend Will, and her son Xavier early
Saturday morning at Pinecrest Gardens. Jennie wanted a cute family photo to
send out for Valentine's day. They were dressed for the occasion in adorable
Valentine's tees. Xavier's shirt said "The Ladies Love Me"...and I can see why!

Mommy gets all the kisses!

Xavier was taking "5" after our session. It's tough being a model.