Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mother's Day Package | New Product | South Florida Photographer

I can't believe it's already April 1st!
(Don't worry this post doesn't contain any April Fool's jokes.)
The warm weather is back and people are getting excited to be outdoors again. :)

I have a few things I want to cover in today's post.
First of all, in honor of all my mommies and soon-to-be mommies out there,
I'm offering a new package just in time for Mother's day! Y

Mommy & Me | Mother's Day Package
Please see details below.
Book your session today! My schedule is filling up quickly!

Next on the agenda is the set of accordion books that
I'm offering as part of the Mommy & Me package.
It's a new accordian-style brag book set that is
sweet & simple.
Each book holds 10 of your favorite images measuring 2.5"x3.5".

They are great to give as gifts or to carry in your purse or display on your desk at work.
They come in 3 types of material: linen, silk & chrome.

Linen colors: Onyx, Natural, Chocolate
Silk colors: Chocolate, Ruby, Onyx, Celery, Sapphire, Sea Green, Plum
Chrome colors: Platinum, Champagne

Featured in the images below:
Linen - Chocolate
Silk - Sapphire
Chrome - Champagne

If you have any questions about the Mommy & Me package
and / or the accordion book set, contact me:

Last but not least, "Glutton Tuesday" was not had this week. :(
Plans were not executed as scheduled but I'm sure Valeria & I will get together next week.
(And I was really looking forward to some tasty cupcakes!)
Even though I didn't get my weekly treat, at least someone in my household did.
My daughter Mady is coming down with something or possibly teething.
Whatever it may be, she hasn't been the happiest little baby on the block, hence the tears.
But mommy knows what will make those tears go away...Oreos! Yum!
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :)
And don't fret, although it may look like she is all caged up, she is actually
sitting underneath our breakfast table.

That's it for now...
Oh, one more thing...don't forget to check out my tweets!

I leave for Costa Rica in 4.5 hours and I will be keeping you updated via twitter.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Manic Monday

Blog & blogger...I did not forget about you.
It has been a crazy past few days. Busy, busy busy!
My phone has been ringing off the hook for appointments
(which is ALWAYS a good thing)
and I've also been trying to put together new packages and products.
I hope to have everything organized and ready to post
by next week *crossing fingers*.
I've very excited for all this new stuff coming your way,
and I'm hoping you'll love it! :)
So on top of organizing and ordering packages and products,
I've been trying to pack for Costa Rica (woot woot!).
Yup, my first destination wedding is in less than 5 days
and I couldn't be more thrilled!
I'm going to try to keep you posted while we're there,
so follow me on twitter!
Sorry no photos today (I know, what's up with that?)
but I'm sure I'll have some tomorrow:
Glutton Tuesday!

Friday, March 26, 2010

In the spotlight | Mi Petite Boutique

Nothing is more cutesy and girly than poofy tutus and
large flowery hair accessories.

After I saw Carolina showing off her darling knitted hat with flower
for the her family photo session, I knew I had to have one (or a few!).
I must admit I was never into the tutus, rhinestones and hair accessories
but after seeing them in person (and on such scrumptuous babies)
it was like love at first ruffle. :)

The following pieces modeled in the photos below are from Mi Petite Boutique.
They carry sizes from newborn to toddler and are accepting custom orders.

The Goods:
diaper covers
wipey cases
pacifier clips
hair clips
knitted hats
hair bow holders

The ever so yummy, Carolina.

My daughter Mady modeling an outfit I got for photo sessions.
And yes, she is holding the cover for my camera battery.
I needed to give her something to keep her still!

I got a few things for photo session and a few things for my daughter, of course!
Contact Ivy of Mi Petite Boutique today to place an order!

Ivy Hernandez-Obeso

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glutton Tuesdays

For the next couple of Tuesdays, my good friend Valeria & I are planning
to get together for lunch and hit up the sweet spots around South Miami.
It seems as if cupcakes are the trend these days and boutique bakeries
are popping up left and right!

Yesterday, Val and I had lunch at Off the Grill then headed over to
Sweetness Bake Shop for some cupcakes. YUM!

We tried every flavor but my favorites were Oreo Overload & Thrilla in Vanilla.
Unfortnately I didn't not bring my camera with (I know, bad, bad photographer!),
so yes, I'm posting these awful camera phone pics. Next Tuesday I will deliver
better, delicious photos...I guarantee it!

Luckily Val took more photos and posted them on her BLOG.
Please check it out for our play by play commentary of
our very first Sweetness Bake Shop taste test!
Yup, we are just two fatties trapped in not-so-fatty bodies!
(I'm sure we'll be fatties soon enough at the rate we're eating these cupcakes!)

I want this to be my motto!

And for those of you who have IMed with me or
text messaged with me, then you know that
I'm a serial OMG! user. :)

Can't wait to see where we dine next week!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drum roll, please!

And the winner is....

#3 - Patricia C. - baby shower

Patricia wins a session with me!
- 1 hour session at the location of your choice (w/in a 50-mile radius of 33071)
- All images to be edited and enhanced
- Print Package (2-8x10s, 2-5x7s)

Please contact me at contactme@remotography.com
so we can schedule your free session!

Thank you everyone who participated! We had a great turn out!
I promise there will be more contests and goodies to give away
so stay tuned. :)

To see the contest details, please visit my blog entry:
(36 entries, but skipped over Brian T., just a friend saying hi)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adrian & Nina | Newborn Portraits - South Florida Photographer

As I'm pulling up the driveway to the Vidal home,
I spot 2 little eyes and two little hands peeking over the window sill of one of the windows.
Nina, the big sister, was eagerly awaiting my arrival.
She is no stranger to the camera and has always tracked me down
at previous events I've attended to have her picture taken. :)
The day of our session, Nina was a ball of energy to say the least,
and just wanted to pose with her baby brother, Adrian.

Adrian was already 8 weeks old at the time of our session.
I couldn't believe how time has flown. It feels like I was just at
the baby shower last weekend. I love how peaceful and tiny
babies are when they are just a few weeks old.
He is awesome, blessed, and simply wonderful.

Mommy thought he was just "yummy" in the knitted hats.
Yummy yes indeed! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day Adventure

Yes, ladies & gents, I celebrated my first St. Patty's Day like the Irish do...

My husband Steve was shocked to find out that I have never gone out drinking on
St. Patrick's Day. I don't know why I never made it out and about for this
holiday, even when I was in college. Last night we went to a local Mexican bar
(yes, celebrating the Irish holiday at a Mexican bar).
They were having a block party and closed off the parking lot for the event.
They had tents up and even a live band. It was great!

I had my very first jello shot and I must say, it was not what I expected and I would
be perfectly fine never having one again. Ha! :)
They were also serving corned beef and cabbage tacos. How festive, right?!
And of course, Steve had to represent his home team with his
Irish-inspired Cubs shirt.

Not that many photos to post this time around.
I think I was making Steve uncomfortable taking pictures
instead of drinking. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jorge, Gricel & Marley - Portrait Session - South Florida Portraiture Photography

My good friend Jorge is always keeping his eyes peeled for potential photo spots.
I get at least an email or text or IM every week with some cool new location he's discovered.
I'm sure we're all familiar with Jorge by now since I've photographed him
many times...but if you want a refresher, here he is at the beach and in the design district.

Jorge's friend Gricel has this amazing rusty old truck in her backyard.
It was my type of backdrop, prop...er, both?
Oh and we can't forget her pet horse, uh, I mean DOG, Marley. :)
He is freakishly ginormous, but a puppy at heart.
All he wanted to do was play while we were there!

Jorge & Gricel were cracking jokes at each other the entire time and
just making one another crack up...those have to be my favorite shots.
And I'm such a fan of the RED converses. I've secretly wanted a pair for years,
but for some reason I don't think I could pull them off as well as Gricel does. Work it girl!

Last but not least, Jorge insisted that I be in a shot or two, so I threw one in of me.
*just one* :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Burgers, Brownies & Blogs

This weekend, my good friend Valeria came over to visit and literally hung out all day.
It was great! We haven't seen each other since last November so we had a really
great time catching up. Mady, who experiences "stranger danger" with most people,
was a little skeptical about playing with Val, but as soon as Valeria took her into the pool
they became best buds!

Not only was Val an Olympic swimmer, but she used to teach swimming classes for
kids of all ages. She got Mady to blow "magic bubbles" in no time! My little one had
a blast in the pool despite the cold temp of the water. After their quick dip,
we indulged in my hubby's burgers and some brownies I made. :) Yum!

Val is fairly new to the blogging world and has recently started her own blog.
She has also blogged about her visit with us yesterday. :)
So during our afternoon of binging and bonding, we got around to talking about blogs...
our own blogs, blogs we follow, blogs we aspire to have.

I was telling her that I wanted to start having contests and giveaways, just to spice things up!
So...Today I'm announcing my first contest / giveaway EVER (we'll see how it goes!).

Enter to win a free session with ME!
- 1 hour session at the location of your choice (w/in a 50-mile radius of 33071)
- All images to be edited and enhanced
- Print Package (2-8x10s, 2-5x7s)

All you have to do is comment under this post.
Please include your first name, first initial of your last name,
and indicate what would you use the session for (for example, a family photo session,
portraits for yourself, engagement session, etc.)
That way I can differentiate who the winner will be without you having to post any
personal information.

I will be accepting comments under this post until Monday, March 22, 2010 at midnight.
I will use a random number generator to select a winner and
I will announce the winner on Tuesday, March 23, 2010.
You will be assigned a number according to the sequence of your comment under this post.
If you are the 5th person to comment, then your number will be #5.
I have also removed my comment moderation settings so that I do not have to
pre-approve the comment before it is posted.

Good luck!

Oh, and of course, here are some photos of Mady & Valeria's first swim lesson. :)

One more thing...
If you want to stay up to date with all my posts, contests and promos,
follow me!
There is a section on my blog right under my photo where you can sign up.
Thanks again for stopping by!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rachel & Jared - South Florida Portraiture Photography

This session was a real treat for me because I got to photography one of my
childhood friends. Rachel and I go way back...waaaaaay back. I won't
say how long we've known each other because I don't want to date myself,
but our moms went to college together. Yup, like I said, waaaaay back.

Jared got Rachel a session with me as part of his Valentine's gift to her.
(And what isn't more romantic than spending an afternoon with me?! Jk.)
I'm glad that we got to schedule our session soon rather than later while
the weather is still nice and cool. We had our session at the Morikami Museum.
I love that place...everytime I go there I always find great spots that I didn't see
during my previous visit. So many little nooks and crannies, and I have yet to
make it through the entire garden!

I have to say my favorite shot is this first one.
I just love how they are surrounded by these towering bamboo trees
and how the sun is just peeking through.

Thanks Rach & Jared for a wonderful afternoon!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Carolina Sofia | 6 months - South Florida Portrait Photography

I have one word to describe this session:

The Martel Family has become my extended family over the past few months and
I have probably photographed Carolina as much as I have photographed my own daughter.
This has to be one of my favorite sessions thus far. Not only were her outfits
too cute and sassy but Carolina herself is just so yummy!!
My favorite outfit out of this set has to be the orange hat with the ruffle-y bottoms.
They were taken in her older sister Miranda's room. I wish I had a video camera
or someone else taking pictures of us taking pictures of her. It was mommy, tio, older
brother Marcelo (almost 2 yrs old), myself, and my lighting equipment all huddled in this
corner of Miranda's room.

Carolina had a few shots taken with older brother Marcelo. He did a fantastic
job of entertaining Carolina throughout our session, getting her to laugh and smile.
The last 2 shots are a few "outtakes" from our session during the
intermissions between outfits. She was so great during our session that it
was difficult picking out which ones to post! I love them all!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


That's right...passports are in!
What does that mean?
It means that I have great, GREAT news...

I will be traveling for my first 2 destination weddings in April & May!
Woot woot!

Stay tuned for pics! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Special dedication to my hubby...

Yes. Three years ago today I married the love of my life.
I came across a card that said "Happy You + Me Day".
It belongs to no one else but us...so appropriate. :)

I will always remember our wedding.

Behind the Lens - Shooting in Miami

After perusing through blog after blog, I've decided that I'm going to try blogging everyday.
As much as I enjoy looking at other photographers' works, I also enjoy reading about the
their personal life, what else do they do when they're not snapping away.
Yes girls and boys, there is a human being behind the lens,
and they too are just like you and me :).

Hopefully by incorporating personal entries along with "work" entries,
you'll get to know more about me, who I am and that I'm not just a photographing machine. :)
And to start off, if you have been following my blog and reading my entries,
you would have already noticed that I'm a chronic smiley face and exclamation point user...! :)

So yesterday I, correction, WE (Mady and I) met up with my friend
Brian to photograph (long overdue session). Brian is also a photographer but his artwork is quite different.
It's hard for me to explain but I'll try my best. He photographs a piece, whether it's landscape,
architectural, etc., over several visits or times of day
and creates prints. Then he pieces together all these different shots
into a large construct, somewhat resembling a collage. It's just simply astounding what he does.

We visited 3 spots. My favorite was the last, an area in Miami just plastered with graffiti.
I love how it looks like Mady is tagging a wall...with a flower petal!
And if you're wondering why Brian is climbing that chain link fence, it's because he got locked in.
(No he did not sneak in!)
It was an amazing warehouse / lot that opened for a brief moment while we were there.
I guess they forgot he was in there! Good thing he was able to escape!
It was a very interesting morning to say the least.

Emmanuel's 1st Birthday - South Florida Event Photography

Welcome to Emmanuel's BIG TOP!
I've been to a fair share of parties and events, but never have I
seen such a blowout! Talk about all the bells and whistles!!
Seriously, they were one elephant short of having a real circus!

Name it, they had it...pinata, 2 bounce houses, a clown, face-painting,
pony rides, cotton-candy machine, snow cones, clowns...the works!

Birthday Boy Emmanuel was just the cutest little guy.
You can tell by the look in his eyes that he was just in awe of everything.
He wasn't too excited about digging into his birthday cake, but he
was very eager to join the big kids in the bounce house!
Him and his daddy were scoping out the scene and I think he
was able to try it out for a few minutes. Don't worry Emmanuel,
by your next birthday should be able to bounce away with the others. :)

He was also loving the cotton candy...but then again, who doesn't?!
I think I even saw more adults than kids eating cotton candy.
I guess it brings out the kid in all of us. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Shower for Austin Jay - South Florida Event Photography

Parents-to-be Ivy and Juan celebrated their baby shower for their son,
Austin Jay.
The shower was hosted by Ivy's sister and cousins at the Doral Park Country Club.
We had a mini-maternity session before the start of the event.
The soon-to-be mommy looked fabulous!
And soon-to-be-daddy didn't look too shabby himself :)

The hostesses of the shower honed into Ivy's scrapbooking prowess
and infused such crafty elements as part of the event theme.
One of the activities for the guests was to create
a scrapbook page to be included into a photobook for the new parents.
The scrapbook station also displayed the baby name. The letters along with
the baby message at the dining tables were assembled and stitched by hand.

Ivy's sister Isette really put some love into planning / organizing this event.
She hand-paint all the cute baby blocks for the centerpieces,
And the amazing "A" cake topper was made by Ivy's friend Janet.
She bedazzled each one of those rhinestones. What a great job they both did!

Congratulations to expectant parents! Looking forward to meeting little Austin!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baptism of Juliano Andres - Event Photography

I can't believe about 4 months ago I was just photographing the
baby shower for Juliano Andres, and now he is celebrabrating his baptism.
It was an extra special treat for me because this was also the first
time I got to meet this precious little boy.

The baptism was a private ceremony for family and close friends
held at the Church of Little Flower in the Gables.
Juliano was such a good boy...just bright-eyed and attentive during the entire event.
There was a small lunch reception at the ever so sophisticated Area 31 restaurant
in the Epic hotel. The views of the Miami skyline and bay were amazing, and it was
a perfect day to be gazing at them.

It was a blessed day for this sweet boy and his family.
Congratulations on your christening, Juliano!