Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rachel & Jared - South Florida Portraiture Photography

This session was a real treat for me because I got to photography one of my
childhood friends. Rachel and I go way back...waaaaaay back. I won't
say how long we've known each other because I don't want to date myself,
but our moms went to college together. Yup, like I said, waaaaay back.

Jared got Rachel a session with me as part of his Valentine's gift to her.
(And what isn't more romantic than spending an afternoon with me?! Jk.)
I'm glad that we got to schedule our session soon rather than later while
the weather is still nice and cool. We had our session at the Morikami Museum.
I love that place...everytime I go there I always find great spots that I didn't see
during my previous visit. So many little nooks and crannies, and I have yet to
make it through the entire garden!

I have to say my favorite shot is this first one.
I just love how they are surrounded by these towering bamboo trees
and how the sun is just peeking through.

Thanks Rach & Jared for a wonderful afternoon!

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Ivy Obeso said...

Rachel and Jared look so happy and in love!! Great shots!