Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adrian & Nina | Newborn Portraits - South Florida Photographer

As I'm pulling up the driveway to the Vidal home,
I spot 2 little eyes and two little hands peeking over the window sill of one of the windows.
Nina, the big sister, was eagerly awaiting my arrival.
She is no stranger to the camera and has always tracked me down
at previous events I've attended to have her picture taken. :)
The day of our session, Nina was a ball of energy to say the least,
and just wanted to pose with her baby brother, Adrian.

Adrian was already 8 weeks old at the time of our session.
I couldn't believe how time has flown. It feels like I was just at
the baby shower last weekend. I love how peaceful and tiny
babies are when they are just a few weeks old.
He is awesome, blessed, and simply wonderful.

Mommy thought he was just "yummy" in the knitted hats.
Yummy yes indeed! :)


Valeria said...

This shootis sooooo PRECIOUS!

Haydee T. Vidal said...

They are simply beautiful. Titi y Beda

Ivy Obeso said...

Adrian looks so handsome in all these pictures; with the yellow hat, white coccoon, and in that deep sleep of his. May god bless him, mom, and big sister Nina!