Thursday, October 29, 2009

Misc. Miami

This entry is quite different from my other posts.
I typically focus on portraiture work and this set is all street photography, totally non-portraiture.

I truly enjoyed the few hours I had exploring and getting personal with these parts of Miami that
I've seen or driven by, making mental notes that I must photograph once given the time & opportunity.

The first set of photos were taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach.
I've visited this sculpture garden back in college, but I don't remember it being this beautiful and sentimental.
It was quite an experience, and since I went during mid-day on a weekday, I was pretty much
the only one there other then the grounds keepers.

The latter were taken around downtown Miami. I tried to pick very urban spots...I must say
they were a bit sketchy even for mid-day.
Nonetheless, I loved the shots that I was able to capture, the few that they are.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mady at the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday evening my husband and I took Mady to her very first pumpkin patch.
Since it's still eighty-something degrees at the end of October, we decided to forego the halloween
costume and dress her in a pumpkin-colored shirt so she can still be festive.

She had a great time walking amongst the different sizes of pumpkins, big & small, short & tall.

Mady expressed her excitement by clapping.

"Daddy where are you?"

"There you are! Let's smile for the camera!"

"Mama, I found a pumpkin that's small like me!"

"I'm going to carve this one."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cummings & Lawrence Families

I spent a wonderful afternoon with the Cummings family & the Lawrence family last weekend.
It was the first "fall" weekend in South FL and the weather was beautiful!
It just so happens that Tavi & Zion where one of the first portraits I've ever captured a few years ago.

These two families made my job so easy...they're fun, outgoing, and weren't shy about getting a little silly! :)

First up is the Cummings Family:
Mom- Khya
Dad - Eron
Kiddies - Tavi & Zion

Here is the Lawrence Family:
Mom - Candice
Kids - Yahel & Yahoshua

(Khya & Candice are sisters)

And some extended family shots!

Keisha & TJ

Friends of the Cummings Family, Keisha & her son TJ joined
our photo session in the park behind the Cummings house.

It was a great day to be outdoors and TJ was overly excited to be
playing in the awesome weather. He was such a friendly and bubbly kid.
I was amazed how much energy that little guy had! And full of smiles!

While mommy was posing for some solo shots, TJ kept running to her
and hugging her.
There's nothing like a mother's touch. ;)