Thursday, October 29, 2009

Misc. Miami

This entry is quite different from my other posts.
I typically focus on portraiture work and this set is all street photography, totally non-portraiture.

I truly enjoyed the few hours I had exploring and getting personal with these parts of Miami that
I've seen or driven by, making mental notes that I must photograph once given the time & opportunity.

The first set of photos were taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach.
I've visited this sculpture garden back in college, but I don't remember it being this beautiful and sentimental.
It was quite an experience, and since I went during mid-day on a weekday, I was pretty much
the only one there other then the grounds keepers.

The latter were taken around downtown Miami. I tried to pick very urban spots...I must say
they were a bit sketchy even for mid-day.
Nonetheless, I loved the shots that I was able to capture, the few that they are.

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