Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Howard Family

Mommy Ashlee and I were both preggers at the same time with our first babies (both girls)
...and we had the same due date!

So it was a treat for me to see how much Stella has grown and what kind of little personality she has developed,
since I haven't seen her since the girls were about 2 months old. Stella is such a happy girl with gorgeous blue eyes.
It was her first time at the beach and she loved smelling (and tasting!) the salty air!

While mommy left to go back to the car for Stella's next outfit,
I was able to catch baby girl and daddy having a "father - daughter" moment.
It's just too sweet...as sweet as little babies can be. :)

The Williams'

The Williams' live right down the street from the Garcias.
They are the proud new parents of a darling baby girl, Alexis. This 4-month old has
astonishing blue eyes and adorable dimples (just like mommy).

Alexis enjoys being outdoors, which worked out great for our photo session.
It's always a treat to see parents in their element, doing the "tricks" they
do to make their babies happy. As a parent, I now understand why
other moms and dads sing what they sing and say what they say for their children.

And you can see how much they adore little Alexis.

Nina, Anthony & Isabella

Sweet little Isabella, dressed in red for the spirit of the holidays,
was a little camera shy at first, until I reminded her of "click" from Dora the Explorer.
She was a little fashionista with her lovely hat and bows.

The Garcias were an easy-going and photogenic family.
I met them at their home in Miramar. They had a beautiful
backyard which allowed us to take some great outdoor shots.
My favorite shots were of daddy kissing Isabella through the stair railing.
I think those were her favorite shots too. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Suchy Family

I first photographed Ashley & Louis several months ago,
when they were first celebrating their engagement.

Now they're married and are a happy little family with their dog, Jack.
Jack was such a good boy for our session. He was so well behaved and just happy to be outdoors.
Unfortunately Jack somehow injured his leg in the middle of our session,
so we had to cut our session short.
He's doing better now and hopefully we'll get together some day soon
to take more photos. :)

The Baptism of Carolina Martel

I first met Carolina for her newborn photo session.
Two months later, the Martel family invited me to capture one of Carolina's sacred moments: her baptism.

It was a beautiful ceremony and reception at St. Sebastian's Church in Ft. Lauderdale.
Along with her parents and godmothers, Carolina was joined by her brothers and sister
who participated in the ceremony.

The reception followed immediately afterwards in the church courtyard.
The food was exquisite, the desserts were decadent, and the drinks were plenty.
Not to mention the light-hearted entertainment provided by Carolina's
brother and cousin splashing away in the fountain!