Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Behind the Lens - Shooting in Miami

After perusing through blog after blog, I've decided that I'm going to try blogging everyday.
As much as I enjoy looking at other photographers' works, I also enjoy reading about the
their personal life, what else do they do when they're not snapping away.
Yes girls and boys, there is a human being behind the lens,
and they too are just like you and me :).

Hopefully by incorporating personal entries along with "work" entries,
you'll get to know more about me, who I am and that I'm not just a photographing machine. :)
And to start off, if you have been following my blog and reading my entries,
you would have already noticed that I'm a chronic smiley face and exclamation point user...! :)

So yesterday I, correction, WE (Mady and I) met up with my friend
Brian to photograph (long overdue session). Brian is also a photographer but his artwork is quite different.
It's hard for me to explain but I'll try my best. He photographs a piece, whether it's landscape,
architectural, etc., over several visits or times of day
and creates prints. Then he pieces together all these different shots
into a large construct, somewhat resembling a collage. It's just simply astounding what he does.

We visited 3 spots. My favorite was the last, an area in Miami just plastered with graffiti.
I love how it looks like Mady is tagging a wall...with a flower petal!
And if you're wondering why Brian is climbing that chain link fence, it's because he got locked in.
(No he did not sneak in!)
It was an amazing warehouse / lot that opened for a brief moment while we were there.
I guess they forgot he was in there! Good thing he was able to escape!
It was a very interesting morning to say the least.


Lia Dominique Andress said...

This last picture is perfect!

Valeria said...

i LOVE THIS...and you also know I'm a chronic smiley face and exclamation point user...! :)too. Keep it up...I love to track your work it's fabulous!

Random Thoughts ... Notes To Self said...

gr8 pics - love brian on perched on the fence .. and maddie of course goes without saying

Brian Oveson said...

Thanks for such a great day Ann and Mady, love the way you capture the moment!