Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jorge, Gricel & Marley - Portrait Session - South Florida Portraiture Photography

My good friend Jorge is always keeping his eyes peeled for potential photo spots.
I get at least an email or text or IM every week with some cool new location he's discovered.
I'm sure we're all familiar with Jorge by now since I've photographed him
many times...but if you want a refresher, here he is at the beach and in the design district.

Jorge's friend Gricel has this amazing rusty old truck in her backyard.
It was my type of backdrop, prop...er, both?
Oh and we can't forget her pet horse, uh, I mean DOG, Marley. :)
He is freakishly ginormous, but a puppy at heart.
All he wanted to do was play while we were there!

Jorge & Gricel were cracking jokes at each other the entire time and
just making one another crack up...those have to be my favorite shots.
And I'm such a fan of the RED converses. I've secretly wanted a pair for years,
but for some reason I don't think I could pull them off as well as Gricel does. Work it girl!

Last but not least, Jorge insisted that I be in a shot or two, so I threw one in of me.
*just one* :)


Ivy said...

OK, so these pictures belong in a magazine. What a great backdrop (prop) whatever you want to call it!! And I love the pic of you Ann!

Valeria said...

This is by FAR...one of my favorite shoots! I love the vintage feel and the old truck.