Monday, March 15, 2010

Burgers, Brownies & Blogs

This weekend, my good friend Valeria came over to visit and literally hung out all day.
It was great! We haven't seen each other since last November so we had a really
great time catching up. Mady, who experiences "stranger danger" with most people,
was a little skeptical about playing with Val, but as soon as Valeria took her into the pool
they became best buds!

Not only was Val an Olympic swimmer, but she used to teach swimming classes for
kids of all ages. She got Mady to blow "magic bubbles" in no time! My little one had
a blast in the pool despite the cold temp of the water. After their quick dip,
we indulged in my hubby's burgers and some brownies I made. :) Yum!

Val is fairly new to the blogging world and has recently started her own blog.
She has also blogged about her visit with us yesterday. :)
So during our afternoon of binging and bonding, we got around to talking about blogs...
our own blogs, blogs we follow, blogs we aspire to have.

I was telling her that I wanted to start having contests and giveaways, just to spice things up!
So...Today I'm announcing my first contest / giveaway EVER (we'll see how it goes!).

Enter to win a free session with ME!
- 1 hour session at the location of your choice (w/in a 50-mile radius of 33071)
- All images to be edited and enhanced
- Print Package (2-8x10s, 2-5x7s)

All you have to do is comment under this post.
Please include your first name, first initial of your last name,
and indicate what would you use the session for (for example, a family photo session,
portraits for yourself, engagement session, etc.)
That way I can differentiate who the winner will be without you having to post any
personal information.

I will be accepting comments under this post until Monday, March 22, 2010 at midnight.
I will use a random number generator to select a winner and
I will announce the winner on Tuesday, March 23, 2010.
You will be assigned a number according to the sequence of your comment under this post.
If you are the 5th person to comment, then your number will be #5.
I have also removed my comment moderation settings so that I do not have to
pre-approve the comment before it is posted.

Good luck!

Oh, and of course, here are some photos of Mady & Valeria's first swim lesson. :)

One more thing...
If you want to stay up to date with all my posts, contests and promos,
follow me!
There is a section on my blog right under my photo where you can sign up.
Thanks again for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

hey hey!! Burgers and brownies and Mady to boot - I surely missed out. Sounds like a wonderful day with Val, can't wait to meet her one day and of course see you guys again.
I hope I win :)

Carolina K.
(family photo session)

Natalie Benitez said...

Natalie B. photo session for me and my hubby for our 2 year anniversary....

Unknown said...

I love all her pictures! she looks so cute in her bathing suit! I want one like that for my baby, if it is a girl.

Patricia C. - Babyshower

Unknown said...

Joelle F.
Family photo with our 2 lb. toy fox terrier.

Christine Moros said...

Hey Ann. I'm old friends with Val and a photographer as well. Your work is wonderful and your daughter is gorgeous! May happiness follow you and your family everywhere. It would be nice to win, since I have no picture of myself! haha!

Valeria said...

How can I refuse a Free photo session with you! I would love too. I would do a Family Session (The Dalmastro & The Mendez Family)Argentinean Parrillada at the Dalmastro's residence and feed you, Steve and Mady aka the vegan. Keep up the great work, who's Valeria? lol Love you!

Rose Miller Art said...

I'm in dire need of a photo session with my husband/ soon-to-be husband...

We have never had a photo session together, and it just seems like we never will... because of either $ or locations...
Let me briefly explain...
My husband and I got "civilly" married in Denmark this past summer... just us and his parents... my parents were unable make it :(
and we did not have a professional photograph there...
we are planning for a "church" wedding in Greece this coming summer (it is where we met the summer of 2008)... but we will AGAIN not have a pro photographer... :( poor me :(
Now,I know what you and other people who read this might be saying... "Poor her?"
I know I should feel lucky to be marrying abroad (which I do), BUT... unfortunately, I have also been blessed with a bad memory... so, it is always nice to have photos (especially well done photos), to look back on these precious moment...
I would love to have it in Vizcaya or Fairchild's... We have had our "own photoshot"at Vizcaya...but it's kinda hard to take pictures together when one or the other has to play photographer.

Thanks Valeria for announcing the contest!!
Those work-out photos of Valeria...
WHAT?!? Simple amazing... and pro.

Rose M.

[Surprise] Engagement Session

(I will be in town March 22 to April 28, but my husband will only be in town from April 22, to April 28)

Fingers crossed!

newimagemom said...

Allison E.
Saw your fitness shoot for Valeria and it rocked! would LOVE a fit and fab mom shoot to expand my portfolio! thank you!

Christie ramos said...

Chewster needs a studio shoot!!!
Love maddy in her bikini!!! What a nugget!!!

Danielle Girten said...

I lOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!!!! A photo shoot with our children would be exactly what the doctor ordered! I would even throw in a delightful box of gourmet cupcakes form The Cupcake Diva for you!!!!
Diva Danielle

lorielue said...

Lauren M
Couples session with my new honey.

Lia Dominique Andress said...

I would love a family session with our daughter Lucia Mercedes.

Lia Dominique Andress

Anonymous said...

Natalie O
(Mommy & Me Session)

Christine said...

Christine Z
A sassy solo shoot for myself!

How fun, Ann! You're a real, live blogger now with this giveaway! :)

Jorge Mesa said...

Wish I could have been there for all the fun. Next time. I have to say Mady lucks super cute in the bikini Tio Jorge gave her. LOL. Adorable. Glad to see you had a great time. We need to see when we can all get together.

Your Best Friend said...

I'd love to have a session with my two toe-headed godchildren the next time they come in town to visit their #1 Godmother! (Love your work!)
Mamie B.

Anonymous said...

Stacy S

Would love a shoot with my husband and I.

Unknown said...

Jen Z.

I'd love to have a sister session with Christine! Love your photos. :)

Ivy Obeso said...

Looking at those pictures made me want to go swimming in a crystal clear pool just like that one! I am glad all you girls had fun and that you were able to hang out with an old friend.

Ivy O.
(of course, a session of baby Austin in utero!)

Matthew A. said...

I would definitely love to have you photograph our little family again! You do wonders with photos of kids!

Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Your talent has grown so much, Ann! Much kudos to you and Jorge for always having new sessions ;) I'd love to do an updated cousins picture session, since the last time we took one, only one of us was married (and he wasn't even in the picture). Now not only are the majority of us married, there are also tons of little ones around! Would it help if Jorge were in this session too, given that he's one of the cousins ;)

Monica said...

monica p. family session with our daughter. I love your work! great pics :)

Anonymous said...

Johanna E. Family sesion with my cute son! I just discover your work thanks to Valeria and I really like it!
: )

Maria Gabriela Concepcion said...

Hi Ann! I'm a very close friend of Lissette (Liza & Jorge's sister). Lissette shared Carolina's pictures with me-they are amazing-not to mention that she is delicious!
I have 3 little girls & I would love to have you come to our house for a session. My girls are 3 and a half, 2, & 8 months! I'll contact you through Jorge in a couple weeks! ~Maria

Monica said...

Ann! Not only are you our family photographer now...you are blessed with much patience! I can't wait to see the pictures you took of my new little one! Of course, I'd use the session for another photo shoot of my yummy little boy.

Tessa S. said...

With the help of Ann Hailey got her break in the modeling world. With the pictures that captured her beauty and her innocence. And with Hailey's 2nd Birthday coming up next month it would just be perfect. And as the grandparents are in town from overseas for her Birthday it would be great for Ann to capture some special moments of all of us together....the laughter...the joy that make us a special family in an outside setting.

Rachel E. said...

Hi Ann! I know jared and i just did a session with u... but i was thinking... do you have a fellow photographer who can shoot an OG Pechay picture (so that you can be included)?? that, i think, is well overdue. Anyways, we love the shots you took of us and are so thankful and lucky to have you in our lives! You rock! kisses to Mady!

Sake said...

My name is Ham S. and my top pick would be a shoot with Steve trying to eat me. Or maybe a pillow fight with Steve.

If those are too racy then I guess some prego pics of the wifey.

Hi guys!

Sheli L. said...

ANN! I hope we win :) We'd love to have you take some pics of the dude, PLUS your pictures are just stunning!

Mike, Sheli and Dude...first family portrait :)

Kisses for Mady!

Anonymous said...

Brian T... just wanted to say hello to you, steve and maddy... and rusty

Unknown said...

Hello, would love to have a session with my boyfriend.
Orphee J.


Unknown said...

Marilyn A -
would love this for my "new" me ...after some serious issues !!...

Juliana O. said...

Lovely pictures, I can't wait for the weather to change to take my baby boy to the pool, that little girl looks absolutely ADORABLE in her bathing suit.
(Family Picts)Juliana O.

Kate P. said...

Hi Ann!
I am always in awe when I look at your beautiful work!! We are so proud of you... We would love a family photoshoot - my mom really wants updated pics of the family =)

Unknown said...

I came to look at Jorge and think you have beautiful pictures and am coincidentally on the last day of your contest! I'd love to win a session for.. well, im getting married so there are a million things we could do! lol

Anonymous said...

All the pics are great as always. You know I love your blog since it usually includes a friend or family member of mine. Got the CD w/ Caro's pics...LOVED THEM!

Want to enter the contest for a family session (not like what we did for Christmas...a little more inclusive w/the kid's grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc).

Liza M.