Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Shower for Adrian Javier

Proud parents Monica and Mano, along with big sis Nina, welcomed the newest
addition to their family, Adrian Javier. He arrived a little earlier than expected but
is doing well and has a slew of people who are anxiously waiting to meet him!

Friends of the family Liza and Mari hosted this exquisite celebration.
They went along with a "green" / nature theme. Ceramic birds were featured
throughout the arrangement of seating and food displays. And I never thought
burlap could look so...so elegant. Used to dress up the floral centerpieces
and the sign-in table, this fabric became such a creative accent!

Other than the guests of honor, the main attraction of the shower was the sign-in canvas.
It was such a clever and thoughtful idea...I'm totally going to steal it when I have
the opportunity to plan a baby shower! :)
Family friend, Jorge, painted the foundation of the canvas - landscape & trees - then the
guests would contribute to the painting by creating the leaves with their fingerprints.
Once complete, this masterpiece will be displayed in the baby's nursery.
Super cute! Love, love, love the idea!!

And if that didn't blow you away, they even thought of little nest eggs as favors.
Even the game prizes were encased in twiggy boxes accented with nest eggs. Truly charming!
It was a simply beautiful shower. I felt like I was at a home featured
in Better Homes and Gardens. :) Congrats to mommy, daddy, & big sis!

What adorable favors!
They even thought of little bird houses to be hung over the kids table.
Amazing sign-in canvas painting idea.
Mommy Monica's reaction as she enters the garden,
seeing all the great work her friends & family have put together.

Mommy explaining to big sis Nina about this beautiful painting
for her little brother.

What creative presentation for the game prizes.

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