Friday, February 19, 2010

Karla Lucia - Kids Portrait Session

This was a very special photo session for me not only because this is Mady's BFF, but
because I've been witnessing Karla grow up, ever since she was a little peanut in her mommy's belly.
It's so amazing to see how babies change and grow, developing their own unique
personalities and behaviors. It's even more hilarious watching Karla and Mady
together because they do share similar gestures, sounds and facial expressions.

Karla is full of smiles and is truly a happy little girl. I don't even think
she had a bad shot during our session! Our session was held at a small park in
Brickell Key next to the Mandarin Oriental. There was a small beachy area and
Karla loved playing in the sand!

She was also showing off her new "trick", waving her hand in the air. It totally looked
like she was waving to her fans! I'm sure she has tons of them. :) Mommy was a
great help with all her sounds and silly faces she was making for Karla!
Great job gals!

In the words of one of my good gf, Christie, "isn't she just a precious little nugget?!"


ebm said...

LOVE the pics.... as always..!!!!

Unknown said...

Ann - these pictures are great! Of course, when you have a subject as photogenic as Karla, that makes it easy. :)

mMc said...

These pix are beautiful!!
Miss Karla is the cutest little girl in all of Miami!

Jenn said...

These photos are wonderful! They definitely express what a happy little girl she is.

Carroll said...

I love these photos! Karla and her gorgeous Mom can't be any cuter. Wish I lived in Miami so I could have you shoot my family too!!!!

Sara said...

Beautiful photo's of a beautiful child!!

avk said...

Ann, fantastic photos. Looks like Karla had a blast with you! Love your graphics too!!