Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Easy Ain't So Easy

Beautiful. From the weather to the wedding to the last little detail of the bride's dress.

But man, it wore me out. I haven't felt so drained during my entire pregnany. I guess just waddling around at 30 weeks consumed every ounce of energy in me. I managed to take a few shots here and there...not as many as I would have liked, but someone would've had to push me over and roll me around to get me to move anymore!

St. Louis Cathedral

The First Dance.

The Groom admiring his Bride.

Bridesmaid and sister of the Groom.

The Newlyweds' champagne flutes.

The Cake. Yum.

Ze lovebirds...

And introducing...the new Mrs. Mercado.

(for better resolution please see my gallery. Adriel & Cherrielet's Wedding)

NOLA...till we meet again.
Note: Nawlins patrons don't wait till Mardi Gras to earn their beads...if ya know what I mean.

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