Monday, December 1, 2008

Assignment #1

I was a little late getting around to the assignment, but better late than never. :)

I dusted off the trusty ol' 50mm for this shot. I will always love this lens. I love the depth of field you can get with the 50. Too bad not all lenses can be in this price range. Got a little flare in the shot, but I can live with it. And sometimes my best shots are the "blind ones" (just randomly shooting w/o looking into the viewfinder). Of course this results in a lot of trial and error since subjects may be out of focus.

Since I'm entering my 9th month of pregnancy and have yet to take any "professional" pregnancy photos, I decided to take some myself. I am totally against going to a dept. store photo studio, such as JCPenney or Sear, only because I think those places are uber cheesy. So I just set up my tripod and used the timer. Let me tell you, I felt so embarassed posing by myself in my "backyard", wondering if the neighbors were wondering what this pregnant girl is doing.

My session wasn't as productive as I thought it would be and I only managed to walk away with 2 decent shots. I found it difficult to focus on "myself" to set the timer when there wasn't "myself" to focus on (if that makes any sense). This is the only shot that I thought was worthy of even showing...but at least I have one to show!

Next assignment for the DBPC is "lights".

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, both shots are great. I've done a lot of self-portraits using the timer. A couple tips would be to use a "stand-in" (person or thing) to set the focus, or use a higher depth of field so you have a wider range of what's in focus.