Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to Chicago

It was my daughter's first trip to Chicago this past Memorial Day Weekend. We travel to the
Windy City pretty often because my husband grew up there and his family and
close friends (who are now my friends) are there too. Several of our friends in Chicago
own SLRs and are members of the DodgeBurn Photo Club. The creator of DBPC,
Rodger Decilio, organized a little outing to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, however there
were only a few of us who were able to make it out. Amongst all the photography fun,
we managed to squeeze in an impromptu family photo session. :)

Mason & Mommy - Nothing is as comforting as a mother's touch.

Little Noah - For some reason he kept tapping his head.

Bailey, my brother-in-law's dog - This one was actually taken in my BIL's backyard.

Kevin & Aimee - This was at the end of the day and Noah didn't make it to be in this family portrait.
He's taking a nap while Mommy is trying to be lovey dovey with Daddy.

We were teasing them, saying these were their "engagement" photos.

Rodger, Marilyn & Mason - one of our impromptu family portraits.

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