Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Little Sugar Plum

I have yet to have an official photo shoot for my daughter (other than inside my house).
Don't get me wrong, I take billions of photos of her, but just us around the house, or
if we're going somewhere to hang out with friends, I'll just bring my camera along.

I was totally inspired by the Martel Family and their family portrait session a few weeks ago.
The entire family was decked out in winter clothes - sweaters, furry boots, winter hats.
I loved it!
So in spirit of the holidays, and somewhat cooler weather we're having,
I wanted to create a "wintery" session for Mady.
(And those darn winter hats are so ridiculously cute!)

Although it was a quickie 15-minute shoot, I adore the shots I got of her (of course I do!).
She did pretty well (it helped that my husband and I were bribing her with food).

Without further ado, here she is, my little sugar plum.


carolina said...

I love Mady... says Joaquin.

Laila said...

I have to say that these are your best photos ever! Mady is sooooooo adorable!!! And I gotta say that Chloe and her went shopping at the same store!

Jorge Mesa said...

She is Adorable! I love the hats! I'm sure she was thinking DAMN Tio Jorge for putting those hats on me at the mall. LOL. Too Cute! God bless her!