Monday, October 4, 2010

The Street Family | Kids | South Florida Family Photographer

It was a swing-swingin', lollipop lickin' Sunday morning with the Street family.
I love the morning light on this particular morning.
Loved the way it peaked through the trees
creating the hazy look of the first 2 shots.
It was definitely a cooler morning and we could sense
the fall weather starting to take over.

Brother and sister due, Ellie & Ethan, were just so loving together.
Ethan was telling Ellie all about his favorite trucks as they swung on the tire swing.
He also told me that he was going to be a big ogre for Halloween.
Is that right, Ethan?! :)

Ellie's favorite part of our session was her time on the swing.
She kept asking for daddy to push her higher and higher.
She looked so darn cute in her vibrant ensemble (and we can't for the bling-ed out shoes!).

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