Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mila turns 2! | South Florida Kids Photographer

I used to work with Mila's Daddy and have only heard about her
and seen a few pictures that he would share at the office.
After almost 2 years, I got to finally meet her and her fabulous Mommy
(not to mention Mila's fan club, aka Abuela and Tia).

Mila was a bit shy at first but once she started warming up to me,
we were having some fun in the sun (and in the water!).
Not only is she probably the cutest fashionista,
but she has the most adorable expressions.

Mila will be turning two next month so Mommy let her celebrate a little early. :)
There was nothing getting between this girl and her cupcake!
She was very focused on enjoying her treat.
I don't even think she got through to the actual cake part. She was fixated on the icing!

Mental note: next time, cupcake first, business later.

Happy 2nd Birthday Mila!


Christy Morales-Calle said...

I looove, looove, looove these pics. Can't wait to see them all!! It was so great to meet you - you were so patient and sweet with my lil one. The pics came out beautiful and I believe this is the BEST birthday gift Javier and I can give our lil one - pictures she'll forever treasure.
<3, Christy (mila's mommy)

Diane Stratton said...

Gorgeous girl, great photos !!!!

Christy said...

STILL looking at them, can't get enough... she's sooo cute, an not JUST b/c she's mine.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.. She is a beauty of a lil girl, but these pics capture a silent and her so delicate look.. I love the one in front of the water.. Erika