Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bugarin Family | South Florida Family Photographer

This session was a very special one to me.
I've known the Bugarin family, well...all my life.
My mom went to college with Rosalie (the mother of the group).
My dad and Benji (father of the group) have been buddies since college as well.

My first "overnight" sleepover was at their house.
(And I use the term overnight loosely. I don't think I made it past midnight.)
Basically both our families, along with a few more families, grew up together in SoFla.

The girls, Kate, Rowena & Jaclyn, gave this session as a gift
to their mother for Mother's Day.
It was the perfect gift for mom since she loves family portraits!
The walls of her home contain frames upon frames of photos!
Plus it's a good excuse to get the whole family together,
husbands and fiances included. :)

Our afternoon at the Deering Estate just flew by.
Rosalie & Benji were acting like a bunch of teenagers
while sharing a giggle during the start of our session (super cute).
We ended our afternoon together with a visit to Misha's cupcakes.
The perfect ending to a perfect day! :)

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