Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Emmanuel's 1st Birthday - South Florida Event Photography

Welcome to Emmanuel's BIG TOP!
I've been to a fair share of parties and events, but never have I
seen such a blowout! Talk about all the bells and whistles!!
Seriously, they were one elephant short of having a real circus!

Name it, they had it...pinata, 2 bounce houses, a clown, face-painting,
pony rides, cotton-candy machine, snow cones, clowns...the works!

Birthday Boy Emmanuel was just the cutest little guy.
You can tell by the look in his eyes that he was just in awe of everything.
He wasn't too excited about digging into his birthday cake, but he
was very eager to join the big kids in the bounce house!
Him and his daddy were scoping out the scene and I think he
was able to try it out for a few minutes. Don't worry Emmanuel,
by your next birthday should be able to bounce away with the others. :)

He was also loving the cotton candy...but then again, who doesn't?!
I think I even saw more adults than kids eating cotton candy.
I guess it brings out the kid in all of us. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking at your beautiful pictures and this is the same theme that I'm going to use for my baby's 1st birthday party. You took pictures of every detail and I notices that they got the plastic tableclothes of the same theme and I have been looking for those FOREVER. Can you let me know where did you get it???? Thank You!